Start the countdown to the highly anticipated inauguration, on February 23 in Pascoli street in Milan, the concept store dedicated to emerging talents: 360+ OneQuarter. Just in time for the Milan fashion week 360+ One Quarter put under the spotlight young talent. The project is the brainchild by Michela Bonafoni, born in Rome, with a significant and brilliant experience in communications and marketing. After a long stay in New York she decides to settle in Milan and to put to use the experience gained by launching a communication agency for the promotion of emerging artists, with an imprint international. A work of "scouting" that goes from public relations, fashion press office, reaching up to the potential market study and more commercial aspect of exclusive projects.

OB-FASHION PRESENTS 360+ OPENING Next Opening in Milan: 360 + OneQuarter, the first store dedicated to emerging talents!

Agency's goal is to schedule a communication and a creative consultancy that aims to every useful strategy to the recognition of a brand and a designer, turning three hundred sixty degrees. Own to assist the encounter between supply and demand led to the idea of the Store 360+ OneQuarter. The intent is to also support commercially all those designers and artists in general who previously could rely on a limited distribution network giving the opportunity to the public to actively support new projects, right through the purchase. Everything is ready, then, for the debut of an ambitious project that will feature the talents that, at the time, are managed by 360+ One Quarter: Andrea Sagrini, Greta Boldini, Marianna Cimini, Numerootto, Rick Lee, L72, Marios, Lau, Luca Sciascia, San Andres Milano, Loren Marin, Valentina L Fontana, Co.Ro. Jewels, 8rf, Voodoo Jewels By Livia Lazzari, Ilariusss.