6229 Jewels is a young brand of jewelery with an unexpected design that seduces with edgy symmetry and incomplete forms, a mysterious allure and sometimes irreverent. Luxury accessories made of gold and silver entirely handmade through a meticulous attention to details and finishes, and with a passion that the designer says so:

"The creations are born in an atmosphere that has to express deep emotions! I close my eyes and slides as images appear of all that inspires me every day, I open my eyes and start to draw. The magic is in that 'moment when my ideas are translated into real creations ".

6229 Jewels brand was launched by young designers Giusy Liguori who, after many experiences at various fashion houses such as Francesco Scognamiglio, Costume National, Etro, Rena Lange, in 2015 she decided to embark on a personal path she devoted to her innate passion: jewelry. Descending from a family of jewelers, Giusy Liguori manifested a singular aesthetic that encompasses a strong awareness of the value of craftsmanship, an exaltation of the details and construction of the unconventional shape such as to establish firmly his style.

The brand 6229 Jewels has a website as well as serve as a showcase, presents an online store through which you can create your own personalized jewelry will have access to a range of materials to be assembled. In this way 6229 Jewels offers the possibility of having unique pieces handmade by skilled craftsmen and combines the exclusivity of the jewel, the excellence of Made in Italy.

For info http://www.6229jewels.com/