If there is a consideration that we take home after the last Milan Fashion Week is that fashion is always looking for more inspiration from art, in all its forms: painting, design, photography, street art and so on and so forth. With the intent to "kidnap" his art beauty transferring this on the garments of the collection and make the shows even more suggestive, this years fashion week has given us supreme elegance ... We start from the collection of Tychemos: fashion enhances the feminine and masculine vanity and does so thanks to a valuable collection of paintings. The inspirational paintings, more than two hundred, are those that are part of the private collection of Sorlini family, which in addition to business has always had a passion for the ancient art, giving life to a foundation. And just to convey to the public the cult of beauty, this has decided to translate into clothes with a couture cut and at the same time of great portability, the most significant pieces in the collection. Mission fully successful, because looking at the most important clothes we wondered if they were themselves works of art. Chapeau!

Ob-Fashion presents TychemosAnother style, another stage: behind the SportMax fashion show there is the genius of Giotto. The company has hired Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin the design of a layout inspired by the architectural elements present in medieval paintings, primarily those of Giotto. The fashion show has been greatly affected of the training of the two designers who have narrowed the stage the choice in four materials: industrial foam, pine, cotton fabric and steel. Most of the material used will not be discarded but then reused. In short, in one show SportMax has put together art, design and ecology ... in addition to believe in two emerging designers! Really good, top marks from Ob-Fashion!

Ob-Fashion presents SportmaxWe conclude with Gucci : for this new collection Gucci has decided to cooperate with the street artist Trouble Andrew that he entered written on garments and accessories, giving the collection a more urban and contemporary style. Photos of the bag with the writing spray "real" these have been around the world. Beautiful collection, exciting idea ... and we admit it, we have a penchant for street art!

Ob-Fashion presents Gucci GhostA fashion week full of many forms of art, all different but interesting! As indeed it happens when you choose to go and visit an exhibition or a museum: there are those who opt for the great classics of the Uffizi, who enchants the face of Guernica at the Prado in Madrid or those who do a tour of the irreverent and contemporary works of the Tate in London. But everything is art! And fashion does its part, plays its role, moved beauty ... that's why we love it so much!