Akhal Tekè : Gaia Ghetti and Benedetta Bolognesi. Two names, two talents to a unique amazing concept, a new shoe brand. Winning creative partnership, already pride Made in Italy. Combination of intellectual power generating an explorer fashion, careful observer. Special features and details are an integral part of their project steeped in craftsmanship and handmade preciousness. Colors, embroidery, decorations. Oriental visions, inspirations, puffs of wind away. Thoughtful compass pointed towards the east. But only with the mind. The heart? Made in Italy.

Akhal Tekè, the name of this emerging brand, comes from passion, both for Gaia Ghetti , graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Bologna, and previously active professionally in marketing and communications company of luxury accessories, both for Benedetta Bolognesi, cognitive behavioral psychotherapist and legal psychologist, toward horse riding. In fact Akhal Tekè is the name of one of the finest equine breeds in the world: the horse with a golden mantle, a symbol associated in history to emperors and Amazons. The brand's task is that of to forge a high quality product, comfortable, resulting from a careful and meticulously studied processing, without underestimating the aesthetics, the result of a stylish uniqueness.

Finalists of the upcoming contest Who is on Next? 2016, on stage next July during AltaRoma, in the accessories section, they approach the fashion system by proposing the Autumn - Winter 2016-17, structured on two main models: the elegant slippers and slip on, more marked by the sporty chic. The softness of these handmade shoes is given by the special manufacture sachet: the deconstructed upper is applied separately from the lining, so ad hoc built on the shoe.

Meticulous embroideries, hand-stitched patiently, relentlessly run through a slipper in black brocade. Austere, composed elegance for refinement made to a workmanlike manner. Black velvet, multicolor crystals, Swarovski: beauty, glittering triumph. To be admired even before wearing. Beads and sewn rule the roost gold ornamentation on velvet slippers dyed red bordeaux. Akhal Tekè is exploit Baroque. Orange wires intersect in sinuous shapes, interwoven veins of purple slip on velvet. Revival, eighteenth-century inspiration, here now dosed and represented in contemporary patterns, borders, systems. To live each day with something extra, no, with lovely shoes! For info www.akhaltekeshoes.it

Giulia Fucile