Amato Daniele Shoes arise from the combination of audacity and originality, an absolutely distinctive style that can't go unnoticed. The young designers, in fact, he has already developed a personal, well-defined aesthetic: delicate but at the same gritty, characterized by the use of leather and high-quality materials such as python and fur and finished with masterly craftsmanship of Made in Italy .

The brand Amato Daniele was launched in 2012 by just fifteen Daniele Amato. Son of art, supported by his parents, owners of leather industry Leu Locati that, for over a century, produces bags and shoes of high quality in the heart of Milan, Daniele Amato grew designing bags in workshops. The encounter with Manolo Blahnik, customer Leu Locati, pushes Daniele Amato to explore the world of shoes. Today, in its sixth collection, the brand Amato Daniele offers a wide range of bags, shoes and accessories for men and women.

With the collection "Bitter, Sweet, Pink" for fall - winter 2015-2016, Amato Daniele puts emphasis on the pink, symbol of sweetness and femininity. A defined style in which at the famous heel consists of spheres are combined décolleté with studs, wide ankle boots, fur inserts. Intriguing the choice, unusual for the winter season, to use vibrant colors. An attractive design that denotes the prodigious talent by Daniele Amato whose creations stand out for their beauty, uniqueness, preciousness.

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