One, two, three… Apnoea. One, two, three… Apn(o)ea. Take a breath, hold it in and go. In a suspension of time, in a parallel world, in a journey that brings you right towards yourself. Among introspective visions and exciting inspirations, Apnoea declares its birth and its identity. As a brand. An Italian brand, all made in Italy, that creates womenswear and accessories having made its debut in fashion in the presentation of its first collection at White di Milano in 2017. Expressing a multidisciplinary approach, it immediately attracted attention and aroused interest among experts of the sector through participation in contests such as Showcase, making it to the list of selected names for Vogue Talents.

“Winter sea. It seems like there was no form of life before.Before her. She takes off her shoes, dives in water, holds her breath.The ritual begins. Apnoea.”

The stylistic research and experimentation of textures distinguishes Apnoea for avant-garde and modernness. Outside the schemes, distant from conventions, it indulges in Art, architecture and multiculturalism for its inspiration, translating these into concepts and new visions, all to dress the body. The forms are clean and essential, nearing on an international Nordic flavour, but always combined with feminine details and elements like rouches and pleats. The woman dresses in wide shapes - comfortable volumes that value the body but don’t restrict it. Femininity gets reinterpreted with contemporary street style, where textiles don’t hesitate to contaminate - from PVC to rich embroidery.And our journey into the brand that bonds aestheticism with symbolism continues into the Spring-Summer 2019 collection: The Birth of Blue. Inspired by the unmistakable prime chemical pigment blue, created in Berlin in 1704 by the hands of the colour fabricator Johann Jacob Diesbach, the collection also commemorates in its name the manifesto of Levi Strauss, and Sinatra’s famous song. The tone of introspection, of tranquility, of the sky, the sea, and workwear-style jeans. An original stylistic code typical of the brand and its innovative capacity. In the raw version, unwashed and with thick stitching, the denim gets dissembled and re-assembled with revisited trench coats, wide skirts with braces and shorts, mixing itself with vinyl and pleat work. Click here to choose your Apnoea outfit!