With the first Artigiani di Sicilia Store, the Sicilian brand widens its views even more! Last February, in fact, a new delight for the eyes was born in Aci Bonaccorsi: the Artigiani di Sicilia Store in Sicily. A corner where you can admire and find unique and exclusive pieces, obviously signed by Artigiani di Sicilia ... but not only.From Italy to France to California, the Artigiani di Sicilia Store offers the opportunity to "dress your eyes" with glasses frames of all details, signed by highly sought after names. But let's take a step back and let's remember together how this innovative brand, which caught us at first glance, was born ... Sicily, wood, glasses: here are some important clues that led in 2014 Santo Strano and Giuliana La Ferla to transform their project entrepreneurial in a real brand. Made in the province of Catania, at the foot of Mount Etna, the glasses of two creative designers were immediately marked for sustainability and value. Using wood as the distinctive character of their brand, the designers have gone from drafts and projects to finished products and finished with the best of Sicilian quality. Yes, because the bond with their land is not only seen in the tradition and in the workmanship completely handcrafted but also in the choice of a 100% made in Sicily raw material. Nasce il primo store Artigiani di Sicilia, uno spazio in cui si sfidano i confini del brand e si abbracciano innovazione e contemporaneità, ricerca e saper fare. Scopri di più!Collection after collection, the veins of the wood have marked the differences between models and profiles that are increasingly new and original. A cat for the most romantic, round in true hipster style, rectangular for a more decisive look, hand painted like real works of art ... to be admired! Allergy-free and environmentally friendly, they maintain intact over time every grain and particularity thanks to the treatment with natural oils. Also chosen by celebrities from the show, Santo Strano and Giuliana La Ferla a few years after their debut, they decided to do more. Defying the boundaries of the brand have looked beyond, finding for their glasses (but not only) a location treated to the last detail, Artigiani di Sicilia Store. A space where trends become innovation, where, among interesting concepts, contemporary forms are mixed with ancient knowledge, the typical hand-made shop is combined with a cosmopolitan modernity. All in one place, or rather, just one store ... Artigiani di Sicilia Store. Find out more on www.artigianidisiciliaottica.com