B.Ben Bags : when the bag becomes a legend. United craft, stories and design and the game is (almost) done. Completely made in Italy, handmade and elegant, the accessories signed by the designer Barbara Benzi are the right mix between tradition and innovation.Exclusive, chic but above all as unique as the women who wear them, the B.Ben Bags contain everything you need. The high quality of the materials takes the form of fashions and trends, giving life to collections full of original and customizable pieces. The stylistic code of this interesting brand is contained precisely in its origin, in the land where he and its founder were born: Sicily. Hence the great intuition, that of giving each bag a name, the name of a legend. Morgana, Ionia, Scilla and many others still the myths used to describe fascinating pieces like the stories they interpret.The bags are composed and recomposed according to tastes and needs: icons worked to the last detail, made with art, professionalism and great dedication. Sicilian knowledge and culture fill lines designed for every taste and need. Bucolic and feminine the Pomelia, from the symbolic flower of Palermo, while more rigid in the volumes is the Pupi, leather shoulder bag enriched with details and golden chain.
hey tells us their history, fashinatinf us and making us proud of being sicilian and part of this wonderful island which has always and will always fashinate whoever loves art, culture and histor.
Small as a clutch but as spacious as a bag is the Ionia, inspired by the legend of the nymph Ionia and its doves, while geometric and elegant is the Sicula, so called as a synonym of all that prehistoric culture of Sicily. Large and spacious the Morgana, so named by the beautiful Fata Morgana and its power to play and create visions with light, with a tablet pocket and removable shoulder strap, mini format in Morgantina.Architectural clutch is instead the Trinacria, inspired by the metamorphosis of a diamond placed by God in the middle of the sea for the happiness of the world, as well as the rectangular Hibla, by the Goddess and lady of spring. A mood a little vintage characterizes the postman model Ispica, from the Sicilian archaeological site crossed by the river from which it takes its name, and Sicily, handbag interlocking of different colors and tones that originates from the legend of the Lebanese princess who landed there after three months at the mercy of the waves discovering a beach full of flowers and fruits. And then you just have to choose, choose your B.Ben Bags. For info bbenbags.it