Bams: irrepressible talent molded in soft leathers and fabrics, home of unique, high-quality footwear. And if the shoes always tell the truth, now whisper us a new beauty. In perfect sync with the times, Bams offers an innovative fashion philosophy marked by advanced techniques, nevertheless, however, radiated from the indisputably wise excellent craftsmanship Made in Italy.

Behind these qualitative, Neapolitan footsteps are hidden letters, names, qualities. Ginevra Vitale, graduated in Communication Sciences at the Faculty Suor Orsola Benincasa of Naples, is the creative impulse for Bams. Andrea Giordano Orsini, heir to a long history and family tradition that revolves around one of the most known Italian tanneries, the Tari S.p.a., with his genetic expertise in leather, embodies the careful eye to technology and the development of Bams collections. Manuel Romano, a graduate in Business Economics at the Federico II University of Naples Faculty, is the administration and marketing of the brand manager, creator of winning strategies to better develop the young brand. Frame of this picture from the most colorful nuances is Naples, kaleidoscopic city, becoming unstoppable.

Sophisticated velvets, interwoven textures, minimal tassels, precious crocodile leather, python. Shoes work with a particular method, called "a sacchetto", the index greater softness and flexibility: the application of the skin is separated from that of the lining, built like a glove on the shape of the shoe. The foot is dressed and covered with tailored shapes, impeccable clothes, put apt to perfection.

Brand ranked in Who is on Next 2015, scouting project organized by Vogue Italy in partnership with Altaroma, this is emphatically asserts surpassing the initial exclusive concept of ballerina, timeless diva wearable, and enlarging its horizons to more versatile territories. The Spring - Summer 2016 proposes shoes travelers, explorers of cultures, bearers of winds away. The slip-on dubai, sumptuous embroidered slippers in ethno-chic fantasies, impregnated with red, orange and warm colors such as Arabian countries that evoke.

New diamond of the desert, gems to collect. Triumph Baroque. Ankle boot sunshine boxy, large heel, pillar of processed, natural fabrics, intrigued plots of pink bubble lines, maze pink passion. Banned banality. Jakard, blue woven cotton, canvas precise rectangular shapes interspersed with touches of white. Femininity raised, heel 12. Feet caught and tempted by the most deceitful, silent animal slippers sea snake worked on sea serpent skin and imbued with a heavenly exotic serene sky without clouds. Walking on talent. For info

Giulia Fucile