Bav Tailor isn’t just the emerging brand founded in 2015 by its ominous, innovative designer but also a whole new way of doing, thinking and wearing fashion. Its motto is “respect your body and your sphere”; sustainable and to be sustained in its avant-garde identity. A transparent, 100% made in Italy production process, prime selected and certificated materials…and an aesthetic that rhymes with ethics. Bav Tailor garments are a declaration of style, a strong, clear message that speaks just as much about luxury as about sustainability. The fashion sector is one of the world’s biggest contributors to pollution, and Bav Tailor chooses to go counter-current with her actions, her brand and her ideas.Born in London but with Indian origins, the stylist and mother of this eco project has a nomadic spirit within her, a DNA made of travels, multiculturalism and an important tailoring tradition: her grandparents were dressmakers. Her collections follow like chapters of her life in a conceptual path that unites the study of a sophisticated design, the use of natural and recycled materials, and the most avant-garde trends. The geometric silhouettes address the East with clean lines and minimal volumes. Versatile, easy to wear, perfect for every occasion. The body moves freely amidst the balanced, harmonious forms. Member of the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF), a global platform comprised of brands that support and collaborate for a sustainable fashion, Bav Tailor dresses the coming generations ethically and consciously. Body, mind and soul are heard, cohabiting in sensory wellbeing.Bav Tailor chose Italy and its tailoring traditions to create her label. All is produced with full respect to the people and all the things around her such as animals, the environment and nature. The woman that Bav Tailor styles flees from the need of homologation, from massification: she is responsible, aware of manufacture, of quality as well as of trend. The sustainable luxury of this brand looks far ahead, confirming itself piece after piece, capsule after capsule in its tailored volumes and artisan production. In her latest SS 2019 collection, SAMHITA, her inspiration comes from creation itself, interpreted as a togetherness of connection, like connectivity. Positive energies get released with movement, they are freed and generate changes. Recycled linen, biological silk, natural dyes from fruits… every piece is the result of a research that challenges the classic conventions, the research of a fashion that is a friend to the environment and all that surrounds us. Maxi dresses accompany the body, gently wrapping it in fluid colours and textures, among hand embroidery and precious finishes; the shirts are delicate, feminine in their transparence. The trousers are soft and essential. Moon white, aqua blue, hematite grey, citrine yellow: crystals and nature are explored and reproduced in the tones and colours.Everything revolves around a sophisticated balance, around an almost ethereal beauty. For info