Blackblessed is a aesthetic taste of metropolitan dark style that combines a minimal design contemporary elegance. An emerging brand in just two years has earned many accolades and is already very popular abroad for alternative style that revisits classic styles with a modern twist retaining tailoring and excellent quality of Made in Italy.

The BlackBlessed brand was launched in 2013 by the charismatic Floriana Serani. Degree in Oriental Languages at the University La Sapienza in Rome, Floriana Serani lives several years in Rome, Beijing and Shanghai working as a buyer for the Italian brand and absorbing very different cultures. In 2008 she opened a blog where an ironic combines a stylistic research that outlines the already well-defined taste, in a few months she reaches an audience wide enough to begin to tighten many collaborations. This is the basis from which the BlackBlessed brand, much appreciated especially abroad.

BlackBlessed, introspective brand, minimal, contemporary, has numerous collaborations with various artists and brands: the first major collaboration with Topshop, a capsule with the tattoo artist Viola Von Hell, with the blogger Ivana Carpio,with the singer Baby K. Recently there has been an important collaboration with Nike for the event "We Run Rome" and will soon begin the corner project within the luxury chain Harvey Nichols.

For the Spring - Summer 2016 BlackBlessed offers monochromatic look: black, white and a touch of red. Linear cuts are broken down by unexpected asymmetries that make ironic a garment with a classical base. A metropolitan refinement that enchants with style unconventional yet devoid of excesses.

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