Caterina Moro is a fresh, young new brand. New, just as is the concept of Caterina Moro, the designer and founder of the brand, which is also evident in her creations. Caterina is from Rome, with a major in Musicology and Cultural Heritage, a Masters in Haute Coute and many other talents to offer. She debuted her design work in 2017 during the Fashion Graduate Italia. This winning debut in which her market research, choice of textiles and experimentation in production techniques came to surface, identifying Caterina with her demi-couture as a name and brand for which to keep an eye out. Her 100% made in Italy label was made official in 2018.The production processes, the colours and the attention to detail are some of the fundamental characteristics of Caterina’s brand, and she loves to explore and mix textures, volumes and garments’ conventional functions. Elegant pleats meet with stylish street denim; romantic organza becomes a must-have, like the trench coat: the aesthetic of the past is reread and reinterpreted with the eyes of the present. The Caterina Moro woman is sophisticated, poetic and precious every day. The shapes are sinuous and wrap the body in perfect comfort, even throughout the most dynamic daily routine.In the Spring - Summer 2019 collection, super-light maxi dresses delicately dress the female body, with soft textiles that shift between transparence, solid hues and vintage prints, bringing refined fluidity. Pants are sweeping and wide, while skirts range in length from mid to maxi. The materials catch the eye immediately; the pleats and the many tailored finishes don’t skip a single detail, bringing attention to their high quality. Delicate blouses, shirts and chemises, through collars, cuts and a range of designs bring vintage to the head of the wardrobe, dressing it in a novel contemporaneity. Caterina Moro’s collection is poetic and dreamy but perfect, versatile and simple to wear.For info & contact