Cindy Leper : uniqueness, ethnicity, personality. Treasure chest of precious jewels otherwise. Label from the extremely exclusive and incomparable taste and touch where the craftsmanship Made in Italy are powerfully tangible.

Isabella Rosa, born in 1984, engine of this jewelery brand, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2009 before specializing in Anthropology. After a short path to a graphic designer, she decides to follow her personal inspiration and create a personal brand where substantiate her artistic imaginations. So in 2012 he was born the brand Cindy Leper, a name derived from an old nickname for Isabella and inspired by Cyndi Lauper. Isabella follows her creations as only a mother can do. Every step and the implementation phase is supervised and personally concluded by the young designer. The jewels always start at an ideal fantasy, that comes to life on paper in a reproduced drawing in more prospects to obtain complete satisfaction. The challenge is then to carry out the project in the real material chosen.

Cindy Leper, in her handmade treasures are gathered inspirations drawn from fairy tales, costumes, animal world and from heterogenous cultural traditions. It's pure love of masks and daggers. Daughter of pop and lover of the macabre: bipolar fascination for such contrasting worlds but a balanced inserted in her works. Quintessential hallmark of this special brand is definitely the use of waste materials and second-hand, from definitely ethical and environmental sources. No more waste, but booty, future wealth.

The wood, always recovered from other processes, is definitely the item she most valued, the link with his father, carpenter. Later, however, adorned with fibers, leather, bones, resins: orphans of a past not to be forgotten but reinvent. The end of history is not yet written. Essential necklaces made of olive wood, from the linear rectangular structure. Rings made of select ebony wood, declined in eerie forms of ax or scythe. Amulets extremely contemporary taste, encased in a triangular shape pendants or necklaces quartz with mystical bullet shape. Hermetic poems. Hidden meanings. Treasure chest of ideals all to wear. For info

Giulia Fucile