The DassùYAmoroso creations are inspired by a daring woman, gritty, sophisticated. Intersection of colors creates a contemporary tartan, made from lightweight fabrics fluid and transparent, with elegant embroidery, creating a magnetic three-dimensional visual effect.

The DassùYAmoroso brand was launched in 2013 by Stefano Dassù and Pasquale Amoroso. Both Stefano Dassù, graduated in Fashion Design at NABA, both Pasquale Amoroso, graduated from the Accademia Della Moda di Napoli them have worked as a costume in theater and cinema. After several experiences the two guys decide to join together to create the independent brand of prêt-à-couture.

For Spring - Summer 2016 DassùYAmoroso proposes a mysterious woman rock style with dark accents. The predominant colors, black and red, with some shade of white, determine the tartan, the iconic fantasy always different and yet that characterizes the brand. A clear style, a coherent path that is leading the two designers to achieve much recognition as well as appreciation by prominent figures in the fashion industry. In the current landscape of the fashion system the proposal femininity DassùYAmoroso is intriguing and unique, identification of a taste that is unmatched.

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