Der Aesthetik is the emerging made in Italy bag label, that made an international luxury brand out of a small artisanal producer. Young - super young, Der Aesthetik started in Italy just in 2019, however its inspiration…well, it comes from far, far away. Precisely from 1860, and precisely from the text “Vorschule der Aesthetik”, written by the German psychologist and statistician Gustav T. Fechner who, through his research on psychophysics, individualised the formula that describes the relationship between physical stimuli and sensation, and between soul and material.A brand that carries and represents its origins in all of its traits, but that observes and opens itself to the world and multiculturalism. Der Aesthetik bags are distinguishable for their essential and minimalistic design; exclusive pieces created from top choice leather sourced only from Italian tanners. No frills, no fuss. Simply…beautiful. The savoir-faire and the made in Italy artisanal tradition are typical of these creations that are alive with good taste, functionality and very high quality. Clean lines outline the contours of these soft and unstructured, comfortable and versatile bags that are ready to confront the day and “change” with you and the occasions for which you use them.The fleeting character of the trends gets alienated from the concept of timeless and also genderless accessories: from the iconic shape, initially appearing in just three products, fine, recognisable creations are conceived that are independent of the trends and the moment. To render Der Aesthetik products even more unique is their mark, their distinctive sign that, just like their signature that gets carved into the leather, is never overlooked: a small gold element hand-worked in goldsmith laboratories, then applied to a sheet of silver for a true added value.Der Aesthetik is a brand, a philosophy, a lifestyle. It’s a mission: to favour the development of a product based on the value of its production, on the respect for human relationships and the environment, and on the preservation of laboriously cultivated knowledge. You can buy Der Aesthetik bags HERE