Contemporary design and rock atmosphere are the creative code of Di Liborio, a brand created by Liborio Capizzi. Extremely precious creations, entirely Made in Italy, from the tailoring, in an unusual vision of fashion where classics are decomposed and reworked in many rich facets of fascinating details. Mystical influences where materials determine the forms, in a clever play of layers, creating mysterious, elegant, refined and sophisticated allure.

Liborio Capizzi, originally from Sicily, has been working for 16 years with Gianfranco Ferrè in the realization of the pret-a-porter. After many travels and experiences, in 2013 he decided to create his own project by launching the brand Di Liborio. A new path made possible by collaboration with Giorgia Mattioli, daughter of Franco Mattioli, historic former associate of Gianfranco Ferrè.

Di Liborio is not just a brand but a project built on three label identified by different colors: the red label is the collection of pret-a-porter, the black label is re-customized as addresses turn heads that customers want renew a view to recycling, the white label is a service tailored suits absolutely unique. Di Liborio is an ambitious idea was born from a true passion and dedication combined with infinite courage to come out of the box offering an unconventional fashion that represents the personality of the wearer. You can buy Di Liborio creations on the online store Antonioli by clicking on the banner below. For info