F2A is a brand of bags that was born in 2012 to the initiative of the young Roman designer Federica Gatti. A passion discovered almost by accident that leads Federica Gatti to divert the path taken to follow with courage and perseverance in a new direction.

After leaving school at Rome University of Fine Arts in fact, Federica began her internship at the Town Planning section of the City of Rome and at the same time she is dedicated, a little 'for the game, to the realization of bags. With the first awards, with two articles that the protagonist of the Officiel Italia and Vogue Italia, Federica Gatti abandons every doubt and simply following his instinct, he creates the brand of bags F2A.

The preferred material is leather, entirely hand-stitched and enhanced by nudity created by the lack of lining, to want to bring out the smell, the processing, the softness. The logo, in line with the craftsmanship of the product, is branded in the bag. Style, apparently minimal, that a succession of opposition is, however, a perfect balance: the precise geometric shapes are combined visible seams, bright colors to blend soft colors, the simplicity of the cuts, offset by an extravagant detail as the handle made a collapsible tubular chromed brass steel.

For the spring - summer 2015 F2A amazes us with the comfortable and roomy tote bag, bold colors, with tubular handle which has become a distinctive symbol of the brand. She bewitches us instead with the clutch in which the metal element represented by the handle smoothly follows the shape of the bag in a three-dimensional extended by chromatic rhythms. Federica Gatti says:

I am a person who never studied fashion, but for my dexterity managed to convey an idea into a real product. The road is long, very long, but I'm not afraid and I'm ready to put myself to the test at any time!

The promising designers, in a novel approach, constantly looking for experimentation, has received a number of proposals, including the recently proposed Yoox, and has recently begun production of its bags factory that continues to respect the choice of materials and leathers Made in Italy.

For info www.f2a-bags.it