FASE FACTORY: active wear according to Flavia Grazioli. Strong, innovative, contemporary: in a large space of Cinecittà, among many brands and innovations, the style and determination of this young girl has immediately struck and fascinated us. Yes, because during Showcase, the event designed by Altaroma together with ICE Agency to promote the Made in Italy in the world, which took place from 28 to 30 June and showcases 60 new interesting names, we got to know many emerging realities such as FASE FACTORY.A casual street made from the highest quality fabrics, top quality materials and details like zip and overlays that allow you to quickly remove and change shape and function to the look. Phase after phase. In fact this is the heart, and the name, of the brand: thinking of each piece as a result of many small moments, of many different actions, all necessary so that the creative story reaches its end precisely in the place where it originated. But Flavia is not alone in this exclusive project. In addition to the imagination of the young Roman fashion designer, FASE FACTORY is the result of a partnership with La Rocca, a leading company in the luxury sportswear industry since the '60s, for which Flavia herself works and produces the brand.We have already seen the collection next summer ... but in the meantime, how will FASE FACTORY wear this Spring Summer 2018? Composed of three different lines, dedicated to both men and women, offers a wide but at the same time original choice. Fitness, dedicated to the sports world, but also declined to a daily use, with sweatshirts, leggins, kway and materials such as lycra, triacetate, nylon, typical of this sector. Casual, which we could describe as a streetwear style, where fashion and sport meet in trendy creations but with technical characteristics of sportswear: stripes, blue, white, black mix with cottons and details, such as loops or detachable pockets, applied on a clean design.
The Fashion line is instead pure avant-garde, risk, experimentation; jacket and trousers with oversize volumes are inspired by the jap aesthetic, the textures are very special with coated cotton or tyvek, while the yellow appears among the basic colors of blue, white and gray. Avant-garde, unprecedented, innovative. FASE FACTORY is not a simple way of dressing, it is not a simple way of designing but a concept, an approach, a true philosophy of understanding fashion. Looking straight ahead to the future.