Fuscra is a truly original story. A story to write, to tell, and ultimately one to wear! This project is alive, conceived by Morena Scrascia the founder and designer of the brand Fuscra who, using unusual materials, produces bags with a sustainable soul. Because inside these unique accessories, all handmade up to the last detail, there is a very special ingredient - wood! Tired of leather and eco-leather, Morena explores and experiments with new production techniques, finding the inspiration she’s seeking within her much loved Nature. In this way wood becomes the protagonist of her creations, of an innovative production process: forms and geometries design the material, inspired by the movements of the shapes in the Voronoi diagrams and Aztec geometry.Morena is an Urban Architect, born and raised in the province of Lecce. Well-trained with a major in Territorial Urban and Environmental Planning at the Milan Polytechnic, then having achieved two Masters’, she later decided to return to her home town, activate her professional studio and nourish her own creative project in her spare time - which is the accessory line Fuscra. “Things have a soul just like places and like us”… and naturally her bags too, I would add to Morena’s words; they know how to animate themselves and live with their own exciting stories.The Fuscra bags are enclosed in an essential, minimalistic and sophisticated design. They’re handmade, sustainable, respectful to Nature and also enrich our style. Their arboreal essence unites with the mastery of their total hand production: every piece has its own scent, tone, softness; its own “natural vigor”. Ignite and colour your summer with Fuscra bags! In the latest Spring-Summer 2019 collection, Grace, the 60s return to the limelight with an absolutely contemporary flavour. Small wooden boxes, mini handbags animated with contrasts and colours: from delicate nuances of pink to Earth tones and green, pale to intense blue. And which do you prefer? Choose your new Fuscra bag right away, here is the whole collection!