An explosion of color, a mixture of textures and decorative elements, unusual shapes and techniques exuberant for a unique style that has the name of Giancarlo Petriglia. His creations, true excellence of Made in Italy made entirely by hand by expert craftsmen in Sicily, bags that become art to be collected.Giancarlo Petriglia, born in Milan, a passion since young to fashion learning, the tailoring of the mother, all the basic techniques, precious still. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, he began working in the famous fashion house Trussardi where he slowly emerges covering increasingly important roles. In the same years he also collaborates with luxury brands like Nicolas Ghesquière, Vincent Darrè, Mariuccia Casadio. In 2012 Giancarlo Petriglia decided to create the brand that bears his name, presenting his first collection of bags that found many favorable opinions, the same year he won the competition "Who is On Next" promoted by Alta Roma and Vogue Italia.Bags versatile, ironic, luxurious bags that have as their logo two griffins with a lock in the middle to symbolize the protection of valuable assets. And the preciousness of these wonderful bags is given first of all by 'craftsmanship in the execution of pieces entirely made from the finest Italian leather. Between full color, embroidered sequins, metals, crystals, ads of zip, between experiments and research, shows the side-change and multifunction of these bags that become from macro to micro clutch bags in an unusual game as intriguing.The style of Giancarlo Petriglia, ironic and unconventional, conquers us and leads us to upgrade our wishlist! You can buy the Giancarlo Petriglia's bags here info