Gianmarco Bersani, a whirlwind of ideas in the head! Define them hats, or at least just hats, just can not. Yes, because Gianmarco Bersani creations are real works of art to wear. Turbans, masks, high structures, ingenious sculptures ... the spectacular mixes with craftsmanship, imagination, talent and great mastery. To do, to create.Gianmarco Bersani, designer and founder of the hats brand of the same name, has always been passionate about art, fashion, costume history, as well as communication. He has studied at Milan Media Communication and since 2012 he has realized projects as creative director, web contributor and stylist, to then meet the world of millinery and give life to the hats that bear his name.Particular headdress with which his alter-ego en travesti Vanille Queen begins to move and get noticed in the Milanese night life, from the Givenchy party to the renowned events at the Plastic. Many collaborations with personalities and artists, such as Francesco Vezzoli and Sebastiano Mauri, like so many exhibitions in the world, from Milan to Los Angeles, from Sidney to Haifa, which portray Vanille and the "extravagant ideas that go through her head" .Accessories, classy strokes that give a touch of boldness to every look. The handmade, the tailoring, the originality and, even more, the exclusivity. In the creations of Gianmarco Bersano (all unique pieces) we see the artistic inspiration of a background rich in history, knowledge but also avant-garde and innovation. One day from Marie Antoinette, another as queen of flowers, another one dressed in colorful pink feathers.Laurel leaves, contemporary haloes, hats made of straw and ribbons. And then the hyper femininity of the turban with pearls, precious threads that fall on the face turning it into a jewel mask. An accessory that lends itself to a creative outburst that does not find boundaries, a desire to dare that does not meet limitations. This is the inspiration, the art of Gianmarco Bersani. For info