Cork, this extraordinary and versatile raw material, is the key element of the creations of the young Sardinian designer Giorgia Bistrusso. In the curriculum of Giorgia there are already numerous experiences of all respect, and collaborations with some of the biggest names in world fashion. In 2010, after graduating in fashion and design in Florence, the young designer does return to Sardinia to start his own path by following his instincts, surrounding by expert craftsmen, enhancing unusual materials. Rewarded among the fifty best talents in the world of fashion in the Young Vision Accessories Award 2014 sponsored by Vogue, she manufactures unique and individually appointed, making use of the expertise of skilled craftsmen Sardinians.

The idea of ​​giving a name to each piece is born because each bag has its own history and its own personality, their names are based on those of Japanese butterflies, unique and feminine in every beat of wings, the real muse for me .

The love for his homeland is clear bully from his works: materials, fabrics, techniques, colors in a weave meticulous fact of nature and tradition. The Sardinian origins are found in the textures of fabrics, in graphic patterns, in the warm tones with a vintage flavor.

My origin is my identity, the island is the starting point. The past is a cultural baggage that we carry with us always behind, it is inherent in us and in what we do.
Cork, leather, a shirt made to the chassis, in Samugheo, with a geometric pattern, carriers are used for the collection of Bistrusso SS2015. A retro style translated into the contemporary, where luxury becomes exclusivity, where traditions become memory. Bags and clutches, minimal lines, absolutely practical and versatile, designed for elegant women, sophisticated, who like to stand wearing craftsmanship, uniqueness, quality of authentic excellence of Made in Italy. For info