Giuseppe Buccinnà is the creative challenge of a young engineer who pursued a career in the fashion world with talent and intuition. In a creative space that imagines the dress like a story, a metaphor for something deeper, the pureness of form meets the harmony of poetry. Giuseppe Buccinnà’s multidisciplinary expertise is tangible and lives in his creations. His major in Civil Engineering at the Politecnico of Milan, diploma in Modelling at the Institute Secoli, his fascination for Oriental cultures, psychology and music, all unifies Art and knowledge in an exclusive brand. It’s in the saying, in the doing.Just like an architect, through studies and proportions, Buccinnà designs textile architecture that gets brought to life as soon as it’s put on. In a creative dialogue the material, the styles and the wearability meet and confront one another. The dresses protect, sustain and comfort, tuning in with the body like expressions, extensions of the body itself.
Technology and art come together in me, and funds in the same category. From engineering I bring into fashion the love of numbers that has a special charm for me. It is seen in the forms that I create, as in harmony because mathematics is this. Pure harmony that I try to apply to the shape of my clothes
Giuseppe Buccinnà is a designer beyond the ordinary, outside the conventions, distinguishable for his style and strong personality. Just like his fashion. The logic of numbers translates into collections made of natural textiles and fibres, hand manufactured to high quality. The research into new, oriental production systems in an ethical market and sustainable development is an integral part of the brand, that anticipates tomorrow.New concepts are hidden in classic elements. Net volumes outline space with precision. Asymmetries, cuts and perforations are many. In the Spring-Summer 2019 collection the freshness of white meets faded, natural earth tones, pastel blue, essential black, and pinstripes. The garments are tailored, the styles touching masculinity but still irresistibly seductive and feminine. The trench coat knots tightly around the waist, pants open with slits, dresses and tops create a game of weights, emptiness and satiety. Lengths, sleeves, overlays: the asymmetries reign. Giuseppe Buccinnà dresses women, people, personalities. For info & contact