Grace, the name of the new “it” bag signed by Fuscra. An important name, a name that immediately reminds us to take a step back, or rather a jump back, directly to the 60s where class was gold and the influencers were true princesses.Small enough but with the capacity to suit your needs, Grace has the shape and the essence of a true designed accessory. More than a bag, more than a holder. She accompanies us everywhere, combines well and creates distinction with grace and originally all over. A miniature sculpture, the daughter of Fuscra's latest spring-summer 2019 collection, , the innovative young made in Italy brand.With regarding to colour there's a wealth of choice! Grace is produced in many different colours from deep to sky blue, to pink, green up to a range of warm, intense colours that make a call to nature and its shades. Exactly, nature. Because if William Shakespeare said that "we are made from the same substance that dreams are made of", then Grace is made from Nature.Among her elegant shapes and clean lines, a very particular story (and a secret!) is held. Handmade, unmatchable wood! Yep, you heard right, this bag is a healthy touch both for our style and our friend, the environment.Grace is made from Ash wood, forged and carved by hand. Her personality is hidden within her deep and diverse shades. The antique wooden material gets transformed and enriched by ecological solvents and glues, guaranteeing a tactile experience and unique olfactory. Every bag is 100% made in Italy. With infatuating perfumes, capturing colours and contrasts and unexpected softness. Grace lives with a nature of her own, she is nature.From jeans to the maxi dress, suits to midi skirts: choose your Grace here and switch on the style and colours of your summer. Put on a piece of Nature!