IFTA 2018: the third edition of the Italian Fashion Talent Awards opens the competition! Yes, fashion designers, listen, there's a new contest for you. IFTA 2018, also for this year, starts the applications and calls young aspiring designers from all over Italy to participate. A stage for Italian creativity and showcase for an innovative and avant-garde style, Italian Fashion Talent Awards aims to be a meeting point between important industry experts and promising brands of tomorrow. Starting from the heart of Southern Italy, the founder JCLab Srl successfully continues to organize this competition thanks to the support of the Municipality of Salerno, the patronage of Confartigianato Salerno, which has now extended to the largest network of Italian artisan businesses Confartigianato Imprese , and collaboration with great fashion academies.The goal is to mae a creative and experimental center, a place where fashion can be realized and not only imagined, an active and concrete synergy between new stylists and companies in the system that gives life to real employment opportunities.You are young, you are a designer, you are talented ... what are you waiting for? Try it, participate is easy! Download the announcement IFTA 2018 from the site www.iftawards.it, open until September 10 2018, and follow all the steps, from registration to the completion of the draft. And if last year we saw the theme "Metamorphosis" in all its most innovative materials and forms, now the theme "Soul" to inspire the new talents, free to create with needle, thread and imagination. Only 100, the best, will pass the turn and will have access to the second phase of the contest: an exclusive party, a unique opportunity to present their look and their vision of style in front of a very exceptional audience of 2500 guests. The finalists will have at their disposal for the evening event 3500 square meters of installations and 40 models; they can also take part in 4 days of meetings, workshops and training activities with leading figures in the fashion scene. IFTA 2018 is a dialogue with the territory, with companies, with training supported by many media partners. And you think Ob-Fashion could be missing? Of course not! The combination of emerging and made in Italy has made us immediately curious and then supporters of a project aimed at discovering and rewarding that side of talent, destined to remain hidden for a very short time. IFTA 2018, are you ready?