Camera Creativa, from waste to jewellery. Carmela Laceranza’s project begins from the idea of recovering what would otherwise be wasted materials. This brand of alternative jewellery born from reused materials breathes life into its truly cherishable accessories. All products have an eco design and are made from unique found objects. Lightweight and super soft, the pieces that Carmela creates appear to be made of leather, but in fact are not at all! Beneath their contemporary aesthetic is hidden a decisively original and innovative substance. Nothing is destroyed, all is transformed. Camera Creativa boasts sustainability, experimentation and is totally avant garde. We chatted with Carmela Laceranza, who revealed to us the secrets behind her unique jewellery.Hi Carmela, your accessories are really special. Other than the lines and shapes, the true value is in the reuse of the raw materials that you choose and process. What is the philosophy behind your brand? “Recuperation and recycling of materials are two key characteristics of my project. My jewellery is all made from rubber tyre inner tubes which I recover from landfills and tyre specialists. What follows is a long working process, carried out entirely by myself by hand. Each piece of recovered material is intensively cleaned, then cut, embroidered and refined with careful craftsmanship. The creations are authentically handmade, unique and unrepeatable.”Where do you find your inspiration? “Initially the shapes were inspired by nature, specifically leaves and flowers, the jewellery blossoming from rubber inner tubes found in the garbage. Following that I was captivated by plaiting and weaving techniques, and most recently I have been attracted by knots.”Your accessories are tremendous and so artistic, they really draw close to the Art world... “Yes, that was exactly my idea to produce grand jewellery, fine sculptures that accessorise and complete even the simplest look.”Your collection is completely black. Why this choice? “I let the features of the material from which my idea originated dictate the colour to me, but in reality black was my preferred colour anyway. I did experiment with painting and mixing the rubber with other tones and materials, but in the end it was the versatility of the black that I loved most.”Camera Creativa, a continuous evolution, a free path driven by the senses.