Gaiofatto, a 100% made in Italy label, presents its latest collection at Altaroma. Michela is at her stand, dressed elegantly and sophisticatedly just like her brand. Behind her an array of fascinating creations is on display, assembled from materials carefully chosen and sewn together with great taste and know-how. We approach the stall and have a quick chat with Michela, and leave struck by a new reality. Gaiofatto is a young emerging brand, of which all products are made in Italy. The construction of the garments, the balance of the shapes and volumes, has all been studied according to a meticulous method, with an experimental approach that isn’t afraid to look for new feats and discover other visions. In Gaiofatto lives an unprecedented luxury, a style of dressing that corresponds to a lifestyle guided by sensation.Michela has completed a major in Fashion Design in 2013 at Iuav in Venice, followed by many different experiences in her sector including presentations of her collection at Pure London, Milano Fashion Week and also during the fashion weeks in Paris, Shanghai, New York and Venice. Her idea is clear: she wants to design for the woman who refutes homologation in favour of much desired quality. Her aesthetic is essential and modern, characterised by a linear, contemporary style that brings her to be distinguished from others. Distinguished so much, in fact, that she was declared by the Black Sheep of NJAL to be one of the most prominent designers globally. Gaiofatto’s garments are charged with energy. Created according to a philosophy of high social impact, they collect in their path positivity, which they then drive and transmit outwardly. A brand with a mission to uphold its sustainability. And whilst Michela is telling us all of this, I am able to touch and feel with my bare hands some of her works that she has on display, getting a real understanding of the know-how in the production process behind her work, the body-space relationship that every day strives to create new forms, the continuous evolution of an innovative design, but one that is steadfast in its exclusive values of its craftsmanship and quality.You are here today presenting your latest collection. Would you like to tell us about it? Your inspiration, and the shapes and colours you have used? "Certainly. To begin with in each collection I like to work with the structures, maybe exaggerating some, disassembling others; in essence playing around with them. The most important thing is obviously to find a balance, create harmony. "You design for women. How do you view the contemporary woman, or rather the woman of the future? "Hmm… she is adaptable. She needs to adapt to more and more different occasions, for which she needs to dress herself accordingly; for this reason I have worked denim with silk creating novel garments that, depending on how they are accessorised, can be perfect from morning to evening." We live in a world of continuous evolution, where the greats work increasingly closer with new talent. Is there any advice you would like to give the young stylists? What must one do, and how, to realise one’s own collection, realise their dreams? You are an emerging designer but one that already has a wealth of experience, and are standing here right now at Showcase… "I am extremely grateful to be here, for sure. Even though I’m only at the start, I could advise other emerging designers to be yes, creative, but also very grounded, always remembering that you are dealing with the body, that your designs must be functional! Then I would recommend to always be curious, curious to learn as much as possible about production techniques; and very importantly to find your own identity, bring it to the foreground and maintain it. This is maybe the most difficult part!