Chiara Perrot is the brand established in 2012, by the homonymous stylist of Neapolitan and French origins. Rigorously handmade collections that reinterpret typically Italian good taste and savoir-faire. Tailored garments, geometric and linear designs that get enriched with refined details and precious handwork. Chiara Perrot is a brand with a strong and clear personality. It’s recognised and distinguished, identifying itself in its own style which is comprised of sporty chic elements and bon ton notes, but always exclusive. We interviewed the mind and creator of this project, Chiara Perrot. Read and discover a bit about what she told us…Hi Chiara, uptaking a path in the world of Fashion also means a lot of hard study and work. Would you like to tell us about yours? “After my major in Architecture at the Federico II University of Naples, I attended various specialisation courses in Styling and Modelling, then widening and deepening my training at the IED Mode Lab in Rome. All of this brought my technique and style to definition: structured compositions, and research and experimentation of materials. My passion and desire to undertake a professional path in the Fashion world was concreted in my project, in my homonymous brand Chiara Perrot”.Sartorial cuts, clean lines but also lots of attention to detail, research and experimentation of working techniques. How would you define elegance today? “Contemporary elegance for me is Simplicity. The simplicity that’s missing, missing in fashion but also in life itself.”The bond with one’s homeland seems to be of vital importance to many artists and creatives. What do you think about this, is it present in your creations? Yes, and not only is it present, but the bond I have with my home is very very strong. It’s tangible in my garments inspired by traditions and by historical Neapolitan tailoring.”So your creations are all made in Italy? “Certainly. I produce everything in Italy, in Naples and Giugliano.”Your garments aren’t just aesthetically beautiful, but qualitatively well made. Which materials do you prefer to use? “I definitely use a lot of cotton and linen, and also lately a lot of nylon; regarding the winter capsule on the other hand, the choice falls more towards wool and vicuna”.Would you like to share with us any anecdotes from your journey, from your story? “Every collection would have various anecdotes, moments to retell, as real stories. Including fun episodes like unforeseens or worries. My very latest collection I worked all by myself, experimenting with painting on textiles…it’s been demanding but a lot of fun!”Chiara Perrot? The tradition of tailoring, innovation and strength of a young brand! Discover here all the creations.