Young, determined and full of that unstoppable desire to do. In a special interview Giorgia Panzironi tells us the story of her homonymous label: a jewellery line able to challenge the modern times with the use of antique artisan techniques. Knowledge, mastery and savoir-faire all unite together with the grit of those who never pull behind, who let themselves experiment, who put themselves into the game and write their own future.Hi Giorgia, how lovely it is to see you and be able to see your creations in real life! Your path is one made up of study and a lot of constancy. Would you like to tell us what brought you there, to reach the world of jewellery? “After graduating in Interior Design, I slowly got closer and closer to jewellery. At the beginning it was just to play around a bit, but then…I fell in love with it! Following this I began to attend various courses: from metal work to computerised jewellery production, all the way to the ancient lost-wax technique. I then did a Master’s at the Milan Polytechnic and an internship with the famous jeweller Bernard Delettrez; after that experience I felt ready to bring life to my own project.”So it was after the internship that you felt ready to create your own brand? “Yes, it really taught me a lot: I learned there in the field, it made me take courage and…launch, create my brand. In the end you learn these things by doing.”What distinguishes your jewellery? How would you define your style? “I create exclusive pieces, obtained by lengthy artisan processes and from the working of materials such as silver, bronze and gold, through the ancient technique of fusion with lost-wax. Everything is done by hand, there’s nothing mechanical. And my style…well, I’d definitely define it as elegant and refined.”What would you match your jewellery with? “Well a bit with everything, it’s very versatile. The pieces go well with casual looks like a T-shirt and jeans, but equally with a more elegant, important dress.”Where can Giorgia Panzironi Jewels be purchased? “They can be bought on my e-commerce and in various selected stores in Rome and Capri.”Do you have any projects in the works? “I definitely have the objective of making my brand grow, making it known and to sell my collections also in foreign markets.”Do you feel like giving any advice to those starting out, undertaking courses of studies or who anyway want to realise their own jewellery brand? “Definitely to throw yourself out there; to study, yes, but also to experiment, to do and to do more…”