The two young founders and designers of NIDO, Dominizia and Nicola, revealed to us their story and that of their really interesting brand. What could we not tell you..?NIDO, a truly curious name. What does it mean and what’s the world that it hides within its play on words? “When we decided to create bags, before choosing the brand’s name we thought about the purest concept that it could represent and identify. It’s the concept of containing, a feminine container of excellence, because we all know it’s actually there inside the bag that a woman’s intimacy resides, all those things that are crucial to her. Then, if you look deep down inside, you’ll find yourself discovering a story; the bag’s story, and the story of its keeper. Precisely from this NIDO was created, a word that instantly struck us both because as we see it, it links perfectly with the meaning of mansion, the place that encloses, protects and safeguards. Writing down NIDO in black on white, we then realised that the four letters that constitute it are also the initials of our names, Nicola and Domiziana. It couldn’t be anything but the right word for us!”Your brand is so young, just like yourselves. Let’s take a step backwards: can you tell us about who you are, how NIDO came to be and which path led you to establish it? “We are Nicola and Domiziana, a couple both in life and in our project. We were attracted by the shapes of things, united by a common vision, from a long time having known that sooner or later we would do something of our own, together. Both of us attended artistic high school which was an experience that filled us both with enthusiasm, leading us to afterwards follow our passions. Nicola completed the Industrial Design course at the Politecnico di Milano while I did Fashion Design at the IED. Initially, just after graduating, we were challenged in the taking on of various real-world work experiences for big companies of the sector, thus enriching our professional portfolios. In 2017 we felt the moment had come wherein we finally felt ready to set off on our own journey and realise our dreams.”The protagonist of your project is the bag. What is the philosophy, the stylistic figure that distinguishes them? And why the choice to make bags? “We chose to create bags because they middle-of-the-road objects in our design dimension. They are in step with fashion, but are equally timeless. Our personalities live and meet in the essence of NIDO - masculine and feminine, of different but complementary natures. From this an even result is derived, one that consists of pure and essential forms that at the same time are soft and sophisticated; of colours as tenuous as they are bold; of rigour but also femininity; of beauty as much as functionality.”As you have just told us, the NIDO bags represent a fresh beauty but in the same way are timeless. What things inspire you? Do you have any influencing styles or icons? “Design, sculpture, simple objects, a scene from a film, words from a book, a song, the sensations that we transmit, could all be sources of inspiration for us. They don’t exist only at the starting point of a new collection; in contrast we are always ready to be inspired by the everyday and the things around us, without ever getting tired! We don’t have a specific style or particular influences; we like anything that strikes and stimulates us. We mix everything together to create our style. In combining volumes, colours, textures, materials and sensations, we free the path of creation. We are attracted to simple designs - simple but with careful attention to the cleanliness of the lines, of the choices of materials and colours, and of course immaculate attention to detail."Ob-Fashion believes and sustains Italian manufacture, its typical hand production and high quality. Where are the products of the NIDO collections produced? Which materials do you use and choose? “All the accessories from our collections are made from leather, either from sheep or cow skin, based on the needs dictated by the designs, and their functions. The skins are rigorously selected from the best Italian tanners, and the same goes for the metal and plastic components. The latter is a repeated element in all of our designs that characterises and distinguishes them, completing and adding value to the accessories as if they were jewels. Invented and designed by us, the bags are then manufactured in Italy thanks to the help of expert craftsmen of the sector, that allow us to bring life to these high quality products, fully reflecting the Made in Italy.”What do you desire to express and communicate through your creations? “What we love most about our work is the continuous research that pushes us to always do more and to improve, to offer a unique product that’s special to the eyes that choose it. That’s why NIDO encompasses many women, all different but despite that, are all attracted to our take on bags. The sight of one of our accessories being worn, other than the excitement it brings, demonstrates to us how they can be combined, with which styles and which colours; it’s a moment of discovery and inspiration that motivates us to continue designing and creating new products. This is how NIDO creates itinerary objects that spout energy and desire to be used millions of times.”Which platforms do you use to sell your creations? Where can they be purchased? “You can find and purchase NIDO products from our personal website where our bags are available in all their dimensions and colour varieties, and where our teams is always available to respond to any of our clients’ questions or needs. Otherwise we have some stores across Italy and a showroom in Milan.”NIDO tomorrow: what are your expectations, how do you imagine the future of your brand? “What we are aiming to do is widen our marketing network as much as possible, to make our product known to the rest of the world outside of Italy. We are attracted by foreign markets - we would like to travel and meet as many people as possible, to grow our understanding of people’s needs and tastes in order to widen our product range. We would like to stretch our limits beyond just bags and small leather accessories, developing it and adding new products season after season, such as footwear, bijoux, clothing and also small objects, why not. Our dream is to create a proper 360 degree NIDO world that talks about us through objects, their shapes, colours and sensations.”