Italo Marseglia brings a new style to the catwalks of Altaroma, one that is innovative, elegant in its shapes, and deep in its concepts. The very latest collections by Italo Marseglia slips between upcycling and seduction: vigilans somniat, the one who daydreams. A journey, an emotional path where reality merges with imagination. Together. In the light and mysterious sound of the Mòn.The woman of Marseglia is an educated, sophisticated traveller who loves lingerie and victorian nightgowns, tulle veils like fleeting memories and faded dreams, but also dark touches and fetishes as symbols of contradiction. The textiles all have a second possibility, to live a new life and take on a new value: peculiar materials like salmon skin, archive and recovered pieces, combine together in a contemporary, tailored and functional aesthetic.White dominates in all of its shades: from the shirt, Italo Marseglia’s iconic garment, to the chemisier paired with a tuxedo, reinterpreted with typical sportswear elements and the new cut on the armhole that maliciously revealsthe collarbone. Vertical and inspired by the shapes and volumes of Roman architecture, enriched by hand worked pleats and meticulous, elaborate combinations of fine pieces.
The lace stocked by the historic French maison Sophie Hallette, old samples donated from the embroidery business Luisi, 70s denim recuperated from the shops of the Capitoline company Fratelli Bassetti. The textiles, thanks to the support of Massimo and Federico Bassetti, are treated with innovative bleaching techniques that respect the environment and save water: Italo writes and saves the future in an avant-garde way. Together with the garments, sophisticated accessories such as small hand bags, necklaces and shoes, get flaunted too, and are produced thanks to the collaboration Italo Marseglia has with the Islandic leather company Atlantic Leather, world leader in the tanning of fish skin recovered from the fish food industry, who provides salmon skin to the designer.
The trainers with avant-gardist soles and made with textiles from the collection are made in collaboration with Luca Berioli, while the salmon skin clogs are produced by James Edoardo di Veroli, the Roman designer who works with artisan techniques.
He confirms the direction of the Rossana Giuppa fashion show with a collection that explores unconsciousness and the mystery of dreams; the white of the soul and the black of the night. Credits photo: Altaroma.