Jing Yu isn’t just the name of a talented stylist, but also that of her exclusive brand. Established in 2017, Jing Yu is a powerful, independent project that didn’t need to wait long to get noticed. Finalist of Who Is On Next?2019, an important contest that will decide its winners in the next immanent edition of Altaroma, between the 4th and 7th of July, this label with its original style touches on important topics such as the dialogue between genres or sexual liberation.Cinema, literature, Art… many are the the worlds from which she draws inspiration. With an artistic but also philosophical approach that’s nudging towards a contemporary design, Jing Yu creates collections that distinguish themselves with high quality of materials and exceptional manufacture. And all made in Italy, obviously. Born in China and transferred to Milan to study at the Marangoni Institute, she rose up immediately for her special creative gifts. At the beginning of 2019 Jing Yu’s brand was in fact selected to be part of a pop-up store at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris.The designer explores new shapes and volumes through a minimalistic but innovative style. The austerity of outerwear, the precision of shirts, tailored trousers, dresses, are all rigorously composed compositions that come alive in well planned and projected Architecture. The silhouettes are clean, the lines are decisive and often broken by course changes, asymmetries and overlays. Combined with very carefully selected textiles, savour-faire and craftsmanship, they form conceptual outfits. A dialogue between Oriental and Western aesthetics, a derivative of an ample creation process of Art and an abstract narrative.The brand Jing Yu explores our comprehension of life in a new, prospective way, artistically and philosophically; an exciting, intellectually stimulating interaction between designer and customer. More than a brand or a label; it’s a project that creates and communicates new messages and new interpretations of style. For info and contact www.jingyu.eu