Yesterday died Maria Mandelli , Mariuccia in art, creative designer of the Italian brand Krizia. A woman who has marked the history of fashion creations by unscrupulous, sometimes irreverent, able to create new avenues of style. Born in 1925, Mariuccia Mandelli early age she had a passion for fashion that led her to give up a secure career path, to teacher, to embark with her friend Flora Dolci, an ambitious project by opening a tailoring workshop in Milan. Soon the brand Krizia begins to be talked about, thanks to an innovative style that plays on new shapes and contrasts, the use of unusual materials and daring combinations. Countless awards that have led the expansion of the company: the men's line, perfume line, the accessories line. In late February 2014, unfortunately, it was announced the change at the top of the company and the company Krizia, a charming Italian history, was sold to the Chinese company Shenzhen Marisfrolg Fashion. A piece of history goes and we want to remember with her quote:

"The future belongs to the young, they will soon appear on the scene several new names and will this oligarchy of fashion. But, be careful, if we are still here means that we have not lost the genius and around, including the possible emerging, there are too cocky and too arrogant. And very little humility. "