Lightness is the key word this summer. It’s truly that sensual effect of ‘see-don’t-see’ that we already got a glimpse of last year. The style was previsualised through vapoury lengths and attractive textures, anticipating one of the protagonistic trends of this spring-summer 2019. Fine textures such as those of the fabrics tulle and voile, wrap the body with grace and delicacy.The first to launch this trend was the grand maestro Yves Saint Laurent who is known for the nude look that he presented in 1968, dressing a model in a fine transparent blouse. No vulgarity or bold statements but proposals of a style that suggests femininity. Take a look at our proposals and let yourself be inspired by the lightest clothes of the moment.Black or coloured? Choose what you like! The shirt by LĀU is a mix of romanticism and seduction: vitamin tones and exotic patterns are paraded along the footbridges of the Miahatami,creating the right balance of nuance and lightness, while Gilberto Calzolari combines transparency, pastel colours and a vintage allure in his charming outfits. Soft voile is the principal material for one of the maxi dresses and on the buttoned but concealing shirt by Marianna Cimini, made for the woman that interprets the nude effect in a contemporary way. Mario Costantino Triolo, the designer for Sosud , continues to enchant us with extra long skirts that swing with refined style and deep slits that wink at haute couture. Antudo plays with lengths, shapes and transparency while Moi Multiple makes elegant, delicate flowers blossom over its dresses.Do you want lightness but can’t justify sportswear? Go for Tiziano Guardini for his ecodesign or the essentiality of Edithmarcel and you can’t go wrong. Romantic, chic but at the same time determined, the Aroma30 woman combines a super-light long dress with a visored hat, an accessory that is also a protagonist at Au197sm that blends gold, styles and material in the name of an exclusive identity.