Macrì: beating heart, colorful creative flair expertly coordinated by a rigorous and well-organized mind. Eclectic mix for a brand 100% Made in Italy.

Authors of this young sambenedettese brand, born in 2009, Martina Morichetti and Cristina Spinozzi, opposite poles but necessary for concluding the winning formula. The refined experience in the fashion housemoda Genny and Miss Sixty by Cristina and brilliant ideas by Martina are mixed in a surprising cocktail. Macri, the sum also in the name of the union of the two professional designers, accompanied by pay off "touches and retouches", figuration of a decidedly manual aspect, initially facing the world of fashion by offering delicious headbands.

Found favor at White Show in Milan after an unusual, playful staging of faces with big eyes, funny mannequins for imaginative headbands, was the jolt needed to unleash Macrì earthquake. Exceeded all boundaries, the creativity of this brand comes from handmade character to expand and to conquer even clothing. Macrì is synonymous with a high quality product designed and manufactured exclusively in Marche or, as regards the art of embroidery, in Salento. Fabrics from natural DNA, exclusive prints, the result of their imagination. Craftsmanship and mastery in laugh and make people laugh, in making us love ourselves with small fanciful touches.

The Spring - Summer 2016 brings us into an animated world, fantastic. Antelopes, foxes, dogs, animal mannequins from head confuse us and enchant as Macrì creations. A bon ton maxi bow dominates the perforated sweatshirt "Neve", ideal for a different look sportychic. Riot of ruffles for "Levia" wide tshirt decorated with fluttering inserts and made more sparkling rows and squares painted in a blue summer sky, alternating with a white romantic. Jaunty mood. Orange meets femininity in "Roana" minidress that finds its happy ending in a cloud of tulle. Oriental volumes in robe jacket "Panna" which glows and transparencies are rightly profiled by black flawless, taken in the short baggy pants combined.

Scented bouquet of flowers or veils from bucolic mood to light the imagination through unusual headbands, even the simplest look. To each his own perfect piece. To each his own right accessories. To each his own fairy tale. We sew upon us a smile! For info

Giulia Fucile