Maison About : animated creations by bright graphics, clothes hostages of ironic prints, dresses besieged by psychedelic drawings. Explosion of colors, shapes. Manifesto integrates positivity. Behind this enthralling winning philosophy of new fashion hides the talent, the skill of the young Alessia Carradori. Alessia born in Rome but moved to Milan, during her university career she creates from scratch a fashion blog, personal, showcase digital from which she is noticed by the brand Maison About who hires her for a collaboration first as an intern and a little later as affirmed creative director, head of a team under 25.

Maison About , the Milanese clothing brand, founded in 2010 and immediately overwhelmed by a sudden success, is, however, after three years from its debut to face internal strife, due to a forced halt for a season. Alessia Carradori is the solution, the turning point: sparkling restyling of image and style, shocking care of communication and brand distribution. Task: rapid growth and strong awareness of a brand ready to emerge and not just float off the deep ocean of fashion.

The Made in Italy is evident in Maison About garments, reads it between the fibers. Printed silks in Como, dry cleaners located in Bergamo, packaging workshops arranged in Piemonte. Fun fashion, joyful disguise of a more studied, meticulous, planned work. Continuous creative motion toward uniqueness. The consistent image of Maison About is a constant, a safety for those who dare, mix, hazard.

White and black geometry are radiated on short tops, shorts, flared dresses decorated by collegiate collar: paintings of an involving optical art, he is also able to intrigue the most fleeting glance. Spirituous ducks float on casual sweatshirts, basic tshirt, playful bikini. Textile smiles. Maxi long dress surreal garden of pink flowers just bloomed, braided games of green stems, sown and inexplicably grown on a bright blue sky. Irrepressible inventiveness. Castles made of imagination. Untouched world in color, artistic figuration ideal. Rainbow powerful still able to surprise, surprise us. For info

Giulia Fucile