Maison & Objet. The biggest event dedicated to design and art de vivre has begun. From the 6th-10th September, in Paris, MAISON & OBJET will open its doors to millions of visitors and lifestyle professionals with a completely new edition. A look all around, a showcase of the avant-garde where historical houses meet new talent to exhibit their latest style and design novelties. Furniture, decoration, fashion accessories, fragrances but also kitchen and table objects, a sector dedicated to children and much much more: MAISON & OBJET winds along an expositional and immersive, very involving path. The house, the MAISON, and its wide range of interior decorations, and the product, the OBJET, are the two great protagonists around which revolves this important fair that has attracted multitudes of people from all over the world since 1995.What’s more, since 2016 keeping in step with the times and aligning itself with an ever more dynamic market, MAISON & OBJET has expanded, outgrowing the confines of time and space. Originally born with the name MOM (MAISON&OBJET AND MORE), the digital platform that reunites the latest novelties through brands, producers, artisans, projectists and designers is a direct and continuous contact between visitors and millions of brands.MAISON & OBJET in its two annual dates reveals contemporary and future trends, making it a true source of inspiration. Historic companies, consolidated names but also many emerging realities all animate the fair, interpreting design, home decor and more with a unique and innovative style. There are also many made in Italy neo fashion brands in participation amongst which COLLANEvrosi with its eclectic and unconventional jewellery, Dampaì's bijoux and bags, young super-Italian brand, careful in its research and care to details, the jewellery with new concept, new shapes and new compositions by Materia Design, the artisan bags and creations by La Tilde, objects unique in their history and beauty.Then there’s Pijiama, the brilliant intuitive project of Monica Battistella and Sergio Gobbi that parts from the recuperation and re-use of unused textile stock, giving it a new life and in this way creating bold, soft cases for computers, smartphones and tablets but also rucksacks, bags and slippers; the ecological jewellery, both in essence and manufacture, by Simone Frabboni, Chiara De Filippis'precious creations that unite antique and modern jewellery-making techniques in sophisticated, essential pieces; Anna Lodi who in inspiration and fantasy creates original bijoux and garments capable of mixing precious and non-precious materials together for a unique style. All of this and more at Maison & Objet!For info & contact