Mani del Sud: a pride for fashion, a tight knot between two flaps, creativity and tradition. Consolidated experience in the fashion system, ability to translate the studied dictates of Made in Italy into a fresh and innovative product, the ability to combine craftsmanship and modernity.

These, and not only, the characteristics that distinguish the designer of papillon Mani del Sud, Raffaele Stella Brienza. The strong bond with his native land, Basilicata, and in general with Southern Italy led him to the ideation of an object able to evoke, between fabrics and workmanship, memories. Glimpses, nostalgic scenarios of a past lived but at the same time still so alive in his eyes, in his creations.

Finalist of "Who is on Next? Man 2015", with a humanistic degree and a training in Fashion Design at Polimoda, Raffaele finds his inspiration in the Art Deco. Eclectic bows, veils designed for the dandy of today, and why not tomorrow. Virtuous in the details, contemporary in the forms, handmade in the working. Hand-stitched, the Mani del Sud bow ties are the particular chosen by a man who is attentive to both aesthetics and substance. On linear or asymmetric profiles, peep watermarks, golden inserts, most eccentric feathers, insects and jewelry. From the history of the past to the urban style of the present, without ever losing sight of quality.

And for a style that is simply perfect in the new Autumn / Winter collection, a line of fine felt men's hats has been added, featuring gold and silver filigree that distinguish the Mani del Sud creations. A timeless match! To each his style caprice, to each his Mani del Sud papillon. For info