Marco Grisolia, an independent label that takes the same name by the designer, is a project that blends tradition and experimentalism in a balance of shapes, colors and textures and a mix of evocations and inspirations. The rigor of asymmetric cuts is blunt colors and motifs that, recalling the art of the past, make it resurface romanticism hidden.

"The starting point of my creative process essentially consists in observing the daily observation from which spring a few thoughts about the ability to translate the ordinary into the extraordinary. They are constantly searching for new aesthetic codes, new solutions, in the balance between the ephemeral and the exact opposite. "
This is the contention of Marco Grisolia, who with his constructions seemingly simple but actually quite complicated never ceases to amaze us, in an alchemy of history, art and architecture.

Few pieces produced for each collection make more thorough definition of every single detail, the more exclusive the dress, the more authentic the desire to own it. For info