Martina Cella, contemporary style inspirations. The young designer from Tolmezzo continues to confirm her talent after collection. Decisive cuts, clean and sophisticated lines that convince not only for elegance but also for comfort and portability. Distant inspirations for absolutely concrete garments, exclusive pieces that leave space for imagination but do not renounce to practicality: travels, chunks, thoughts reworked in original and refined clothes.Born in 1992 in Friuli Venezia Giulia and ... a great desire to create. Here from the blank pages filled and filled with sketches and models, drawings and sketches made since childhood, Martina Cella has made so many steps. After artistic high school, he decided to move to Milan and really transform her passion into work by undertaking an important academic career at Istituto Marangoni. Here he learns and consolidates her techniques, favoring geometric shapes, clear and minimal profiles: her vision of fashion does not stop only at the creative aspect, but wanting to emerge with one of his activities, she immediately wanted to understand the commercial, structural part and entrepreneurial business.Collaborations with atelier, brand, studies in famous schools of the sector like the Central Saint Martins of London ... Of things Martina has done. In fact, in February 2014, her determination and her talent did not take long to be recognized and rewarded: in February 2014 she took part and parades with 12 outfits in full Martina Cella style at the renowned Next Generation contest during Milan Fashion Week and she is chosen as one of the 4 winners.Backed by the Camera Nazionale della Moda, Martina Cella launches in 2014 its namesake brand, a brand where the multifaceted and multitasking woman can always find her right look. New volumes, engaging prints, refined details and a typically Italian craftsmanship. The shapes are mixed and combined in precise and recognizable combinations, with a strong stylistic identity.And also in the latest Fall - Winter 2018/19 collection, presented at the Fashion Hub Market during Milan Fashion Week, the quality of the details, the handmade and Made in Italy manufacture certainly do not lack, always intertwined between innovation and news. The concept, well contained in the name Contemporary Nomads, starts from the idea that our tendentially stable people have nomads, their culture and their way of life. All translated and reinterpreted in fabrics and clothes absolutely new, current, unpublished.The fringes move and decorate sweaters, trousers and capes; colored lines cross vertically A-skirts, flared dresses or trousers that open gently towards the bottom. Shirts with maxi-sleeves are combined with mini with intertwined profiles; the hills are ring-shaped, the country changes and reinvents itself. The suit has a new face, preferring heavy fabrics and applications a bit 'sportswear like large pockets or zip. Tops and elegant and transparent dresses are mixed with suede and enveloping coats.Everything is balanced between the novelty of aesthetics and the mastery of know-how. To do well. For info