Michele Chiocciolini bags, real architectures that conquer for form and ... substance.Accessories, containers ... yes of objects but also of inspirations, ideas, fashions, trends. Contemporary, innovative but so handmade and tied to the Italian tradition, good taste and know-how.Born in Florence in 1982, graduated in architecture in his own city, Michele Chiocciolini experimented with new languages ​​and reinvented himself with creativity. Giving free rein to his passions, he builds his figure as a fashion designer during his studies and in 2012 with his sister he founded the brand and opens the Chiocciolini Atelier in the Santa Croce district, a magical place like the city that hosts it.Winner of Talent Fashion Style in 2013, he initially created clothes then collaborating with the entertainment world and making men's clutch entirely made in Italy, cut and sewn by hand in Florentine artisan workshops and inspired by the eccentricity of the '80s. But the bags become the highlight, the synonym of Michele Chiocciolini and his logo in the shape of a dog.Elegance becomes modern, fun, free. Clear and geometric lines blend with curves and sinuosity for a versatile, flexible and contaminated beauty. In fact, it is precisely the mixes and contrasts that generate different and interesting results: graphics, art, NY ... From the heart of its Renaissance cradle to the States, the inspiration for Michele Chiocciolini is everywhere.
Simple signs, stylized drawings, tones that light up the imagination, bags that enclose landscapes but also memories.
His creations are in leather or in carefully chosen materials where no detail is left to chance. Pop, colorful, designed for her, think for him, the Michele Chiocciolini are real style icons where the Apple Clutch, the Taxi Clutch, the Palm Clutch or the Star Clutch are still after a long time super requests.The innovative and cutting-edge eye has led today the designer to experiment even more, using refined, alternative, recyclable materials. The capacious Guggenheim Bag or the Empire Clutch, faithful reproductions of great works, are just some of the many examples and of the many bags that make Michele Chiocciolini a name and a designer to choose if you are looking for unique and exclusive creations.And it could not but be heartbreaking for Heart Backpack, functional and delicious backpack: romantic in the red suede version, ultra soft pink fur, super bright, studded with endless sequins. Impossible not to want! For info michelechiocciolini.it