MRZ by Simona Marziali: let's discover together the story, or perhaps better the plot, of the brand that has amazed Altaroma winning Who is on next? 2018 with its Resort 2019. MRZ by Simona Marziali is a young, fresh and innovative brand that has been able to reinterpret the knitwear tradition with a mix of style, avant-garde and a lot of creativity.Founded in 2012 by Simona Marziali, MRZ hides behind its acronym interweaving of threads, stories and experiences. After graduating from the Koefia Academy in Rome, Simona Marziali specializes as a knitwear designer with a master's degree in Florence. Iceberg, Diesel, Gilmar: since she was 21 years her professional career has been studded with important collaborations with well-known brands in the fashion system.Until returning home, to her family business that had always produced and worked knitwear for renowned names in the industry. So why not blend their skills together, shuffle the cards and start doing for themselves what they've always done for others? Here is born MRZ, MRZ as Marziali and as the constant and daily work to which the whole family and business actively participate.Knitwear is definitely the protagonist of the collections of this emerging brand, now rethought in a contemporary and modern way. The MRZ woman is determined, decisive, resourceful. Lover of fashion and trends, a lover of details, craftsmanship and high quality. The shapes play to get stuck, the colors to contrast.In the Fall - Winter collection 2018-19 must-haves and cult prints are mixed with latest generation materials, leaving space to the classic of tradition as to the sporty chic.Rows, checks and geometries take place on wraparound cardigans, high-necked sweaters, long dresses and soft trousers. The lines are clear, sometimes asymmetrical; many overlaps with unexpected openings, sleeves that become accessories of knit dresses. Orange, blue, burgundy, green, white, black ... a collection with a strong character. Our favorite combo? Transparent raincoat + beige cotton pants + sweater in a colorful color block. Impossible not to want it! For info