My Golden Cage: "I live against the wind, I look for a sense where there is not, full loss, nightingale in a golden cage". It is on the notes of a song, that of freedom, that the brand My Golden Cage was born. The uncontrollable desire to express themselves and a need for creative outlet lead fashion designer Maria Elena Pino to launch her own brand, a unique dimension in which to represent an innovative idea of jewelry without filters.

Teacher at the NABA in Milan, with several important work experiences in companies such as Giorgio Armani and the Inditex Group, Maria Elena Pino considers My Golden Cage a cage in which to guard a magical world, to create something special.

It is leather, the raw material favored by the designer who, with an absolute handmade approach, creates jewelry intended not only as accessories but real design pieces. In the bright and vibrant color blocks for the summer collections, darker for the winter the My Golden Cage jewels are as versatile as the woman who wears them.

Necklaces with big colored fringes, geometric rings, long dangling earrings find the right balance between the softness of the handcrafted leather and the rigidity of the metal. Focus of every look, touch of style for the day, catalyst of looks in the evening. My Golden Cage? The cage yes, but of creativity! For info