Nahiot Hernandez is a "precious" and emerging brand established in Umbria in 2017. A finalist of Who is on next?2019, it distinguishes itself by its use of unusual materials and its capacity to explore the jewellery through this. Hand manufacture and contemporaneity melt together in unique, original pieces. Balanced between geometric and organic shapes, Nahiot Hernandez’s handmade jewellery is rich with inspiration and cultural global influences. The creations’ strong personalities and contemporary souls express themselves in collections constituted of design just as much as ‘poor’ elements such as glass, cement and bronze.The inventor of all of this? The ominous founder and designer Nahiot Hernandez of course. Born in Venezuela, she transferred to Italy in 2011, the same year in which she began to work with various ateliers in the city of Terni where she also creates accessories inspired by minimalism, with particular attention to volumes. Her important training in Jewellery Design together with her great diligence and creativity take her beyond to achieve her true idea of jewellery with her own brand.Knowledge, emotion, conscience: all comes together in a transformation process of materials, the mother process of combinations and small pieces of wearable architecture that transmit refinery and exclusivity from the first glance. Overlays and laminations play an integral part in the brand’s style identity, which is found in the perfection of the geometry of the circle in all its states.Avant-gardiste, Nahiot Hernadez creates elegance and beauty even with impoverished materials. Sensational jewellery hides itself in a play on full and empty, catching the eye, making you look their way. Geometric lines combine with organic pieces in the Gusci collection; unexpectedly lightweight interweaving is the protagonist for Intrecci; beehives are the concept behind her rings; straw and leaves are the subjects of her mono-earrings which are artisan as much as they are contemporary. Savoir-faire is all over - creativity reigns! For info and contact