Nicola Indelicato is a true, unquestionable creative mix, one of those brands that isn’t scared to lose itself in its research and experimentation. Or in other words, the avant-garde and innovation set him apart; further still they distinguish him. Hybrid trends, multicultural contamination, tradition and history: different thoughts and elements that mix together in a unique stylistic identity.Born and raised in Florence, the onymous founder and designer of the brand Nicola Indelicato has Sicilian parents, and aunts and uncles originating from Greece and Turkey - factors that influenced and enriched his vision and concept of style, which is comprised of passages through time and different cultures. With a Masters’ at Polimoda, and professional experiences with affirmed brands including Vivienne Westwood and Roberto Cavalli, Nicola Indelicato’s label was launched in 2016. Nicola’s route is marked by various important stages which brought his name and talent to emerge, and collection after collection to get affirmed. Different materials combine together; differences meet. Soft cloth, fine textiles, couture details but also the street world, graphics, lettering; the past, the present. Through fashion, the male body gets explored, familiarised and accepted. Along with all its secrets: from self-adoration, fetishism and eroticism to sentiment.The spring-summer 2019 collection carries its own inspiration in its name, Roman Holiday. Just as in the 1953 film by William Wyler in which the enchanting Audrey Hepburn travelled the streets of Rome aboard a Vespa, driven by the fascinating Gregory Peck, the theme of love is the protagonist of this collection, too. But in a new way, version 2.0. Classic Italian Romanticism gets reinterpreted in modernity by a young tourist, who is influenced and changed by good Italian taste; visits museums and corners of the city, coming into contact with love through chat.History, time, style, culture: all is united and converges into an original mix, but one that is surprisingly balanced. T-shirts with “typical Italian writing”, nylon, sweaters, bermudas with pockets, but also blazers, shirts and tailored garments. All of which get “seasoned” and paired with fun accessories like long white socks with sandals, hats with logos and 90s style bum bags. Through juxtapositions and contrasts, the classic wardrobe meets with adolescent irony, and male fashion gets reconsidered. Reformed, in an exclusive way. Street style, couture, genderless all merges into one word: Nicola Indelicato. For info & contact