Its story? Yes, it endures time! Because when a hat goes on your head… no, you won’t ever forget it (or take it off!)! Ideal combined with your beach look or sophisticated as an accessory for your frantic days in the city, the hat is definitely one of summer 2019’s must-haves. Among timeless classics and grand returns, novelty and latest trends, the models for you to show off in the sun are truly many.One owned by every woman that ever respected herself, by every fashionista that respects herself. Maxi and glamour, sporty-chic and jaunty, masculine in the Borsalino style. In straw or with a brim, feminine and slightly vintage…the more hats you have, the more you’ll wear!Bucket hat or…fisherman’s hat! It’s official, this is the hat of summer 2019. From the catwalks to Instagram, from the it-girl to the general public, the bucket hat is on everybody’s lips (and heads!). In patent, in PVC, in technical materials…the bucket hat goes with jeans just as well as more elegant long dresses, with midi skirts as well as more sporty looks. That famous “fisherman’s hat” has become something, a serious trend! Brands from an (note)? Palm Angels and FSTD.Large brim…to high top! Rule number one: knowing how to wear it with ease, the eye-coverage effect…is around the corner. Soft, extra large brim, celebrity shades and so much elegance! A classic in straw but also chic in textile, it frames the face and enhances femininity. A true femme fatale! Take a look at the Montegallo collections ...Direction…visor! Sweaters, sneakers, florescent colours, bombers and even long white terry socks: the 80s and 90s are back, and it doesn’t look like they’re ever going to leave us again! Just like the baseball cap. Visor in front or behind? It doesn’t really matter! Even sighted on the red carpet and paired with evening dresses, it’s independent of the seasons, making appearances in every collection and becoming a cult of entire…generations (millennials)! Just like that of STMA!Panama, a name that has made history. Masculine but seductive, it’s a guarantee for your summer looks. It’s never missing those cords or contrasting ribbons that affirm it as an icon without time. The “Ernest Hemingway” hat has been through generations and generations, arriving “ahead” of the trends for him and…for her! Combine it with an ultra feminine top, long boho chic dresses, or super light shirts…and your style game is done! Choose from the many Adrianhats models and hats!The turban, the hat that comes from far away. Celebrities, models and princesses have made it a true star among hats. The famous oriental “hood” immediately offers a touch of originality to your look. Monocolour, printed, in cotton or the finest silk…any occasion is great for showing one off! Style (and brand tips)? Mhudi and Yojiro Kake!Hat or…jewellery? They take the shape of a hat but are precious like jewellery. They’re worn on the head but are created according to the rules of jewellery design. Extremely elegant, refined, exclusive, they offer you and dress you with a magic allure. Two trends in one: you can’t let it escape you! Look at the creations of Vittorio Ceccoli...Wow effect guaranteed!