Necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches too: large is the quantity of jewellery that welcomes in the summer. Are you ready to discover it all (and put it on)?“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, said the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. And let’s admit, she was right. Jewellery brings a shine to our look, with style and a world of elegance. Romantic, decò but also rock or vibrantly coloured. The quantity and diversity of jewellery this spring-summer season is vast. Combine it with your look and clothes…no, it’s not actually that simple and straightforward! And the risk of exaggeration is always around the corner. A piece of jewellery has the potential to be that extra touch missing from an important outfit, just as much as the protagonist of simpler looks. They embellish with character and distinguish with personality. So what’s hiding in the jewellery box this summer? Let’s discover together!The first rule (or trend) of the season: no half measures! Be it a single piece, but maxi, or a small bijoux as part of a mix together with numerous others, jewellery now is not to go unnoticed. Waterfalls of super soft minimal necklaces, or accessories so bold and striking that they can only be worn by themselves? The choice is yours! Totally, because fashion accepts them both with full marks. Sophisticated jewellery that strikes the eye in its decò Art forms, but also those artistic necklaces or long length, multiple wires of pendants.What should never get left on their own are rings: put one on every finger! And if they’re coloured, the trend has double the value. Fine, clean shapes and decisive geometries dress the hands with style, attracting and capturing the eye, and causing those sneaky glances. Necklaces, rings and… what’s still missing from the trend list? Bracelets of course! How can one forget them? There’s no way! Like true sculptures positioned on our arms, from essential lines to more solid, fuller shapes. With or without stones, charms or no charms, luminous like gold or gritty like silver, this summer the bracelet goes coupled with colour too. And...the more vibrant, the better!They’ve fully returned to trend. They go brilliantly on jacket lapels, they elegantly decorate shirt collars but also go great on T-shirts, gilets, turbans, among the threads of necklaces as embellishment on bags. They’re what we call brooches! From past to present, these special accessories pass through fashion and are not to be left off of our fashion list for the Spring - Summer 2019! Shop now HERE