The PVC effect makes a comeback as the showpiece in the world of fashion. Transparent, no makeup and without any showy illusions, it doesn’t hide anything that it dresses. This trend that comes on and off the catwalk and not only, has marked some important moments involving noted brands and famous stylists: Elsa Schiaparelli, Paco Rabanne, the 60s revolution, the exhibitionism of the 80s; and now, like a true must-have of the season, PVC returns playing with bags, shoes, accessories and of course clothing too. Discover our PVC list and prepare to live a waterproof-effect summerIt’s fun, you can wear it from head to toe; but be careful, measure it well and use PVC in the right doses because it’s more than easy to fall into fashion errors. Choose and put on an accessory or a solo piece from the wardrobe and your PVC look is already complete! Pleats, turns and grace, all in PVC, Ssheena signs the skirts from her new collection with a really particular elegance: sophisticated but original, chic but also whimsical, for a determined and prudent woman. Dresses, pants and shirts with collars are brought to us by Nicola Brognano spoiling us for choice and this time with PVC in yellow. Combine your PVC garments with creativity, but watch out - never forget what you’re wearing underneath; all is in view!They are literally annihilating. With small or large details, the bags and shoes of Spring-Summer 2019 immediately embody PVC’s fascination. There are no filters - from the mini bag by Roberto di Stefano to the shopper by I’m Isola Marras, the bags reveal everything, all the good and beauty that’s inside them, while the NIDO handbags enjoy dressing just their handles in PVC. Super transparent, Amina Muaddi's vertiginous shoes fully ride the PVC trend, while Francesca Bellavita unites it with shapes and materials: from the legs of her cowboy boots to the straps on her mules, to the heels on her delicious décolletés. Goodbye to glass slippers, hello to PVC. In a mix and match of creativity and elegance, Luisa Tratzi lifts the trend on high heels, while Les Jeux du Marquis discovers elements of the foot with seduction in contemporary kitten heels.Like optical illusions, jewellery in PVC plays with being there, and not being there. With transparency, the bonding of textures and geometries create a game of now you see it, now you don’t. Sylvio Giardina brings us PVC all around with maxi hoop earrings, Anna Negrelli in contrast reinterprets it with colour and harmony in a brooch, whilelo Genos renders it contemporary Art in its necklaces, synonymous to a new and innovative preciousness. For the last touch of class, or rather of PVC: the sporty chic hat by STMA is perfect for an everyday in full trend, or there’s the effect of the exclusive PVC maxi by Gianmarco Bersani.