Pietraquadra is the combination of the ancient beauty and contemporary design. Jewelry special and unique, made with an unusual material, the marble, which contrasts between colors and materials becomes sensual and enveloping. Pietraquadra arises, therefore, as a pioneering brand that enhances the beauty of the ancient marble in a completely innovative. The quality is guaranteed by various certifications received, including the "Made in Tuscany" which protects and promotes the high quality products of Tuscany and "Slow Fashion" received in 2013, hallmark "100% Italian" that distinguishes exclusively products fashion designed and produced entirely in Italy, starting from raw materials processed in Italy.

The brand Pietraquadra was launched in 2011 by Valeria Eva Rossi. Raised in Carrara, Tuscany, after studying architecture in Florence, Valeria Eva Rossi worked for many years as an architect in France. Back in Italy the young designer decided to express her fervent creativity making an original line of jewelry that is enhanced the intrinsic beauty of the marble and the passion for minimalist architecture. Over time pietraquadra has become synonymous with craftsmanship, refinement, sophistication unmistakable. Valeria Eva Rossi currently lives between Italy and China where she participates with her collections in events dedicated to Italian fashion.

Pietraquadra collection consists of elegant and sensual jewelry made with marble, silver, silk trimmings. Unique pieces where contemporary design blends with the craftsmanship and techniques of traditional Florentine goldsmith. A style that stands above trends, audacious jewelry that the softness of the marble, made smooth and light, warm to skin contact, joins the sophistication of silk created from an old factory in Turin. Contrasting colors, geometric shapes, unusual combinations of materials, innovation, tradition and history. Unique creations that become excellence made in Italy to wear, to love.

For info http://www.pietraquadra.com/