The Ramponi Prize was awarded a few days ago, to Francesca Castagnacci. Wins the talent, innate gift nurtured by passion, study and sacrifice. Alfredo Ramponi, owner of the eponymous company known for having invented the first synthetic crystal, since last February he is promoter Ramponi Prize. The aim is to promote, in partnership with White in Milan, the youngest creativity, by supporting emerging brands in the most delicate passages. The Ramponi Prize is now in its second edition, this new fashion scouting promotes research and experimentation of young people and help them in brand promotion and sales stages. The designer who wins the prize, in fact, will have the opportunity to boast its own exhibition space in one of the most important steps on a national and international fashion industry, the White Show.

If it had been the clothing with clean, minimalist forms Alberto Zambelli the winner of the first edition of the Ramponi Prize , a few days ago it has been awarded for the second edition of a brand of handbags which has like strength Tuscan artisan excellence : Francesca Castagnacci . A vote her a very special jury composed of Massimiliano Bizzi, Founder of White, Mario Borselli, Honorary President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Marta Casadei, journalist for Il Sole 24 Ore and Moda24, Lorenzo Galliera, publisher Nuova Libra, Alfredo Ramponi, promoter the premium and CEO company Ramponi, Cesare Tadolini, buyers and top shop L'Incontro in Modena, Alberto Zambelli, winner of the first edition, Michela Zio, MFF journalist. With Francesca Castagnacci, and her emerging brand of the same name founded in 2014, has won the innovation, the revolution of forms, the real talent!

Giulia Fucile